Detox Formula, best body detoxifier

Detox Formula, best body detoxifier

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Welcome to Avita Detox Formula, your best body detoxifier. Have you have ever wanted to cleanse and detoxify your liver and body without any side effects? Then here I bring you a quick review of your dream product, Detox Formula. This is a unique product made from all natural elements free of chemicals that has been designed to help you detoxify your liver, body and burn down excessive calories because of its high capability to boost the break-down of fats. Detox Formula offers you other body benefits that are important for your health that you may have never known. Here I bring the magic behind this “BIG” product.

What is Avita Detox Formula?

Detox Formula is a unique, capsule blend, with no flavors, artificial colors or preservatives made from natural components to help you live a health life. The product has multiple functions in your body and unlike other industrial produced products; it is 100% free of chemicals. The components that are used to make ‘Detox Formula’ include:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – have probiotic capabilities to restore natural intestinal flora and boost metabolism, digestion and immune system
  • Magnesium – helps in blood pressure reduction, lower cholesterol levels and calm irregular heartbeat
  • Apple pectin – has strong antibacterial effects which helps to increase performance and concentration
  • Hibiscus – has strong antibacterial and antibiotic effect. It also has ability to soothe menstruation and abdominal pains.
  • Amylase – saliva component that helps in digestion for people suffering from its deficiency. This helps them avoid mood imbalances, constipation and digestive upset.
  • Allicin – which is important component for nti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics.
  • Peppermint – this is a spice that acts as a diuretic.
  • Other components include: Psyllium, Fennel Seed, Curcuma Root


Benefits of Avita Detox Formula

Avita Detox Formula - Health & Beauty PinsThe pill is designed to help you purify & detoxify your liver without harming it; cleanse the body and boost in burning down excessive calories because of its high capability to boost the break-down of fats which is important factor if you want to lose weight hence slim. It provides N-cysteine and vitamin C that are dietary components to glutathione the most important liver antioxidant; it provides you with powerful antioxidant ingredients that are important for maintaining and protecting liver cells and also stimulating their growth. It stimulates the production of bile juice an important component in your fat digestion breakdown. It is also dietary fiber component that is pertinent for better excretion.

Usage of Avita Detox Formula

You are recommended to use the capsules before taking any meal with a lot of fluids especially pure water. For adults, the recommended dosage is 2 capsules three time a day 3×2 a day i.e. morning, at noon and in the evening before supper. However, for people who are lactating or women who are pregnant, it advisable to seek medical consultation from your medical practitioner before using the capsule.

Customer Reviews about Detox Formula

Given the wide range of application of Avita Detox Formula, here are live testimonials from consumers who tried the product and are enjoying fruits of good health courtesy of Avita Detox Formula.

  • Woman’s Health Canada 1
  • Woman’s Health Canada 2
  • Eriana Gee
The people behind Avita do seem to understand what works and this detox product is one of the best that we have seen and tried.

We have to recommend this product-from personal use we can confirm that it really does work

Avita Detox Formula, Mechanically Clean and Bind Toxins.

What is the price of Avita Detox Formula?

This product is available in packages with differing prices depending on the number of packages. Discounts are also available depending on the package purchased as shown below:

  • 1 package that contains 120 pieces of the capsules costs $51.37
  • 2 packages that contains 240 pieces of the capsules costs $102.74
  • 4 packages of the capsules costs $154.11

Note: each piece of the capsule costs $0.43

There are also limited time offers for you when you purchase three bottles of the capsules, i.e. for every 3 bottles you purchase you get 1 free and you get immediate or instant shipment. It’s therefore, advisable for you to buy 3 packages and enjoy the offer through discounts for bulk purchase.

Where can you get Avita detox Formula?

You can get these products online by visiting the Avitashop website at or Detox Formula upon making payment through the online global acceptable payment methods i.e.GP Webpay like: MasterCard, Visa Pay, Discover, Maestro and PayPal.

Visit the Avita Detox Formula website NOW

Once you made the payment, the product will be shipped to you instantly on the same day of purchase. The Standard times of delivery are between 3-7 working days internationally and 3 working days in the US.

Why should you get Avita detox Formula?

Avita Detox formula, are pure products that contain no genetically modified elements. The products are certified and approved by the Natural Product Association. Upon purchase of Avita Detox formula, you get a 60 day money back guarantee in case of product failure or fault. This is achieved by contacting the customer support at Avita shop and filing a complaint.

The Avita Company, partnered with one of the world’s undisputed leader and most reputable licensed company producing food and nutritional supplements with over 58 years’ experience, Vita Tech International located in California the United States. Another most important thing about the Avita Detox Formula company, is that it has launched an affiliate program which even consumers can join and share in the profits of the company by referring friend all over the world.

Therefore, Avita Detox Formula is a 100% safe product made from natural ingredients that are essential for supporting good health. Welcome to Avita Detox formula and be part of these big family of consumers who are enjoying good health and free offers of the Avita Detox Formula product.

Try Avita Detox formula TODAY!

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  1. Eugenia October 16, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    I am so glad to find this post, i have been looking into natural way to effectively detoxify my body and also wants to get rid of excessive body fat after having a baby. A healthy liver will allow my body breath and clear all waste that maybe trapped, price is reasonable compare to other site I will give it a go forsure.

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